Drug and Alcohol Impulse Control

The Drugs & Alcohol program specifically addresses the issues created by illegal drug use.  Choices and consequences are examined as they relate to what is happening as a result of their arrest.  In addition, participants in the class are made aware of how their actions today will close doors in their future career choices, educational and service opportunities, general health and financial well being.     

This program is appropriate for those offenders who may need the educational advantage to help insure they will not re-violate.  Minimum age is 18 yrs., male or female.  No minimum educational level is required since the program is primarily discussion.  Clients are brought to an awareness of the adverse effects of drug and alcohol on family members, co-workers in the workplace and friends.

Discussions focus on the consequences of those trying to fit in with their peers.  Also discussed are the negative effects of partying, self medication, coping skills and smoking while driving.  Any form of drug use is a choice.  Various choices and consequences of those choices are discussed in relation to long term effects such as criminal records, disqualifications for employment, inability to hold licenses, work in certain career paths, etc.  The expense to the user, the community, and the country are reviewed as well.

No pre-qualification requirements, pre-testing or other means of targeting the “easy cases” are used to improve our recidivism numbers which are about 7% state wide.  This program is a stand alone educational program (no drug testing or evaluations).  This program is especially effective for those coming into the system for the first time and those needing reinforcement of positive behaviors learned in drug & alcohol rehabs.

During the program, participants will:

1. Accept responsibility for their actions. 
2. Understand the personal price paid for drug use. 
3. Understand the process of changing negative behavior. 
4. Gain better self-control and coping skills. 
5. Learn the process necessary to change behavior. 
6. Make a commitment to refrain from using drugs and abusing alcohol.